Happy when ... Sad when ...

annyeong~~ I'm happy today BUT just for a while .. huhu .. I watch Justin Bieber NEVER say NEVER (3D) with my family .. huuuu~ JB totally gorgeous !! He's damn brave , handsome n more !! After watch that 
movie ,, I LOVE Justin Drew Bieber !!! *screaming~ JB loves PURPLE !! haha xD 
there's MILEY CYRUS in this movie !! omo !! loves MILEY CYRUS !! she also gorgeous !! 
loves the way she are .. heee~

I'm cried NOW !! Jinjja ,, I really-2 sad .. U want to know why ?? it's b'coz my KPOP stuff , I bought them just now SUDDENLY LOST !!! huhuhu TT.TT .. I search every place but NOT found .. huhuhu ..
There's many things I bought .. I bought SHINee's pencil box , SHINee's keychain , SHINee's button , SHINee's Lee Taemin keychain , SHINee's rubber bracelet , IU's keychain , Teen Top's keychain , 
Justin Bieber's rubber bracelet .. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!!! I'm being crazy now ,,
 feel like I lost everythings in my life !!! I can't stop crying n crying .. if u all lost a things that u all love
so much ,, isn't u all cry n being crazy ?? of coz u all DO .. now there's only SNSD rubber bracelet n Justin Bieber Never say Never remixes with me .. huhuhu :( my appa scold n scold me coz I don't
want to stop crying .. huhu .. my omma said ''Biar lhaa bnde tuu ,, come eat'' then I said ''SHIRLEO !!'' .. huhuhu .. EOTTOKHAE ?!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO ?!! 
I've been spend a lot of money on that things ..


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