We Have a lot of FUN today~

Annyeong !! dgn bangge n suke cite nyew .. Yuri dgn semangat yg berkobar-2 *konon lhaa* ..
Actually today is Canteen's Day kat skowla Yuri ,, mmg HAPPENING glew babe !!
Nie Yuri mlz nx membebel~ Yuri just post picx and HAVE FUN !!

Then on 9 lbiyhh cm2 ,, D.A.S dhaa start boring .. Kite org dhaa tx tawu nx wat pew ..
Then Fyra said that she and Yana want to go Times Square ,, drpd tx wat papew kn ,, Yuri join lhaa dwank  ,, first singgah kat Yuri's house ,, THEN lets GONE haha xD ..
This was my 1st experience *spelling ??* hangout with friends ,, and ,, its was FUN !!! 
but ,, sad coz .. not all D.A.S member join us .. huhu .. only me , Daya , Fyra and Yana ..
nahh ,, tgk lhaaa~

Next !! hahaha xD adew NEXT ehh ,, kite org balik skowla balik dlm kowl 12 lbiyhh .. 
Pas2 g lepak kat Dataran Zaaba ,, D.A.S's members yg lain waiting for us there .. 
Mase uhh tetibe plak adew yg menyelit .. haha xD 
LADONN .. hahaha xD and then pas bpew jam lepak ,, kite org sume balik~

This was the DAEBAK day !!! guys ,, I enjoyed myself with u all .. Hope we can hangout and have a nice time together again !! I will miss this day~

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