CRY ?!

Listen to my blog's song .. When I listen that song ,, I'll cry .. wae ?!! why I cry ?!! The title also make me sad .. huhu .. Justin Bieber - That Should be Me .. I just keep crying n crying .. He is born to 
be SOMEBODY .. same goes to me ,, I also want BORN TO BE SOMEBODY :P 
song Born to be Somebody also make me cry .. WAE ?!! WAE ?!! WHY ?!! WHY ?!! U know I hate 
CRYING !! my eyes will pain ,, my heart will TOUCH .. I try to do not cry but CAN'T .. huhu ..
HOPE someday .. I met Justin Bieber and Yoseob oppa privately *wekkk xD* I hope SO !!
huuuu~ JB !! U bad BOY !! U make me cry !! nopeun NAMJA !! ur songs make me TOUCH a lot !! 

omo~ can't stand anymore .. haha xD I really-2 love those Korean Ulzzang .. They are so kawaii !!
Pictures credits to : Tumblr

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