Minchun's Segment - Are U K-pop Lover ?

Yuri have been join a Segment ,, and the title ~> Are U K-pop Lover ?
This is the banner ..

Rules of this segment :
~> be Minchun's followers...don't worry ,, she said that she will follow back ..
~> put this banner at your entry and direct link to Minchun's blog ..

The question ,, I'm ready to answer ^__^

What do u think about my blog?
>> Ur blog so KAWAiii !! love K-pop !!

What do U think about this segment ? (be honest)
>> I would say WOW to this segment !! It's jeongmal DEABAK !! I love this segment sooooo much ,, heee~  ^^

Which one K-Pop Artist/Band Group is your favorite?
>> Omo !! actually there's many .. BUT one of it is Infinite .. heee~

Why U love them ? (reffering to the question before)
>> I love them coz ,, their songs .. their aegyo ^____^ aigooo~ I Love Everything on them ...

What gift U want to give to ur Fave artists ?
>> hmmm ,, A hug .. hahaha xD 

If U are granted 3 wishes ,, what do U want to do ?
>> Go to Seoul , South Korea ..
>> Met fave K-group ..
>> Met Justin Bieber xD xD

If U are bored ,, what would U do ?
>> online ,, blogging and sleep .. haha xD

Supposing that u selected in a show 'We Got Married',who would u choose as a husband ?
>> haha xD would I ?? I think I want to choose Yoseobie oppa .. hee~ =D

What K-pop songs do U like ?
>> urmm ,, all K-pop songs .. heee~ :]

Arrange the song titles (K-Pop),maximum of 6 title songs and state the name of the K-Pop Artist(just want to test your creativity )

Hello ,, u are my Angel .. U always make me Shock ..
can u be my Mr Taxi ? I know She's Back .. huhu .. and I Hope u'll not make me sad ..

>> SHINee , Teen Top , Beast , Girls' Generation , Infinite , FT Island

That's all the question !! hee~ want to join ?? be Minchun's followers first and visit her blog ..

4 supa dupa diva:

♥ MinChun 민천♥ said...

wee~anyeong chiggu...thx coz joining this segment...hope u like it... ^_^
thumbs up for ur answer...superb~
i dont knw anyone in Infinite but i love their songs,especialy BTD...ngee....
btw,lets share with the other K-Pop Lovers answer...http://minchun09.blogspot.com/2011/04/ahli-k-pop-lovers-segment-minchun.html

salina유리 said...

@♥ MinChun 민천♥ : cheonmaneyo Minchun-aahh .. hee~ .. I really-2 loves ur segment .. ngee~

aisyah Qaisyiah said...

wah...u r a infinite lover~..
I come from the blog minchun

salina유리 said...

@aisyah Qaisyiah : yupp .. I'm inspirit .. hee~ btw ,, thx coz visit my blog ..

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