Don't ever U !!

Hello ,, not in good mood ..
Just Now watch

Justin Bieber Flash Mob Malaysia

and I take a look people's comments .. OMG ,, there's many people love it .. BUT ,, I read one of it ..
His comments really-2 make me MAD .. I think all belieber also mad .. *think so* He said he want to throw shoes to my Top Nampyeon JBIEBER when he is doing concert in Malaysia .. Don't ever U do that MAN !!
I know that U jealous coz many girls LOVE JBieber .. so ?! why ?! girls out there love him as his FAN !! 
Use ur brain !! think first !! If there's a NEWS that my Bieber have been throw with shoes by His FAN ,, 
U really-2 die !! However , I didn't recognize U !! I don't know who are U !! I still said that U DIE !!
huhu .. Dear JBieber ,, becareful when U are out there ! okae ?? U have a lots of FANs supporting U !!
so ,, HWAITING oppa !!  

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