Good Morning !!

Morning <3
Wake up wake up !! The Sun already up .. ngeee~ No ideas what to post in new entry .. huhu ..
*BLANK* I post this just for fun .. I don't know what to do today .. hmmm~ 
After this as usually ,, iron school uniform , look at schedule , bath , wait for chingu to go to school 2gether ,
AND go to school .. huhu .. I'm quite lazy for study .. However ,, I can't do anything .. I must study b'coz I have been promised with my omma ,, that I'll study hard till success .. I want to be a good girl to my mom and
my family and for the WORLD *OMO* .. I want make them proud of me .. ngee~ 
This morning ,, suddenly my asthma came .. huhu .. *uhuk uhuk* I hate cough .. erghhh~ 

Picture credits to : Flickr

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